Thursday, March 19, 2009


Little Red
This was my final assignment in Corel Painter. I'd never touched the program before this year so i was fairy happy with the results. There weren't any parameters to go with on this assignment so I just went with what interested me at the time, which was my own interpretation of little red riding hood

Aerial Perspective
This is probably my best illustration, I love how it turned out with the ship just being visible through the water, although I hated doing the coral up front and I'm not too happy with how that turned out.

This one was fun, we had to take a painting, anything we wanted, (I was on a bit of a troll binge at the time), then we had to do 2 different versions conveying a different mood, so I did the original, then i transfered it into photoshop and tweaked the colors a little bit.

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